Key’s Monologue; Shinee

KIM KIBUM (KEY) – Multitalented Singer with Exceptional Dancing and Rapping Skills

In case you haven’t caught Key’s Monologue on Arirang on 2nd Dec (like me), below’s the video! [:

In the video, he offered the viewers a new perspective of him. Instead of the camera hogging and hyperactive kid like he usually is, he begins the monologue by saying ‘Finally it is [his] turn to do the monologue’ hahah. Finally? :D But still, confident as he is in the mono, he speaks about issues that were never covered before in Jonghyun’s and Onew’s mono;  Talking about the other Group members, and Daily life and Dreams

In the segment where he was to talk about the other SHINee members,  it was quite kewt when he thought Onew was his dongsaeng when they first met. Lol :PP  He also said Minho was a little scary :O (Well, actually with his intent gaze…) But I couldn’t agree more when he said Jonghyun was quite cold and ‘aloof’ (First impressions right,? :-D) And they lived together for 3 yrs. Wouldn’t that mean, Taeminnie would’ve been 12 only! Oh gosh, PSLE age. Can’t imagine myself staying with 4 other strangers and learning to be independant… Key also mentions what it felt like when Minho went to do the fashion show for Andre Kim. It’s really sweet ^^. And I always thought Bulko Charisma Minho is the most distant from Key & Jonghyun. Because Bling&Key never seem to be apart :PP  I just need Blingbling’s confirmation that they are not as distant as I think! :\

KimKey, being the filial son of Mr&Mrs Kim, said that his family is his ‘Treasure Number 1’. Something wrong with the subs ayye. Anw, his parents were so cool to go support SHINee on their debut perf! And Key also said if it wasn’t for his Oppa and Umma, he wouldn’t be doing this interview as a member of SHINee. Kim Oppa, Kim Umma, Saranghaeyo!<3  Sweet kid aye.

Ah, this really cute part was when he said he would like to have a ‘magic pad’ where he could write anything and then it would come true. It’s so kewt kayxz becos he’s already uh 18 and still thinking of ‘magical’ stuff. Rofl [:

Can’t wait for Minho’s Monologue, airing on his birthday, 9.Dec! :D Woohoo~! Bulko Charisma, talking for 8 minutes. Saranghaeyo :-))


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