Shinhwa will have a final concert in April, before the group’s members join the army

The popular boy band Shinhwa will have a final concert in Japan in April 2008, before the members leave for their mandatory enlistment.

Open World , the entertainment company that managed all Shinhwa’s performances in foreign countries, said ” Shinhwa will organize two concerts in Japan, on April 18 and 19. These two concerts are meant to be the continuation of last December’s performance in Japan.”

Open World revealed ,besides Shin Hye Sung, the other five members of the group also planned to enlist this year. Therefore, this could be considered as the group’s last concert together.

Recently, Lee Min Woo also announced at his own live show ” Shinhwa will always love you forever. If everyone would wait for us, we will definitely be back.”

March 24 will be the 10th years anniversary since this group was first established. On this occasion, Shinhwa will have two concerts at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium and also to release their new album.

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