Minho’s Monologue; SHINee

Choi Min-hoA silent flame burning with passion and charisma

*Duhh! He is bulko charisma~~*

The narrator starts by saying the ‘strikingly handsome member of the group’! :D  Hahah. Anyway. I missed watching it on the day itself because I was away, in Phuket. Tried finding their album in there because they came for promos in Thailand (Bangkok) and was about to perform. But don’t have so I was quite D’:

Here’s the vid! (:

Notice at 6:23, he looks very childish here! Hahah, but he looks like he was having fun. Aegyo!

Minho is thrilled to present to us his honest side! :D And he talked for approx 6 minutes, which is quite a feat. But it seems pretty short though… And this time, there wasn’t any segment on ‘Minho talks about other SHINee members’. Sigh… But it was nice seeing him enjoy talking like this though.

Well, I was pretty captivated by his adam’s apple too during the segment because…it looks like he has 2 lolxz.

*I only watched it 1 time so I’m not really going into in-depth analysis of it due to jet lag and stuff xD be back soon to edit*


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