Golden Disk Awards

First of all, PEOPLE! I have like 200 visits already, but not even half a comment? : (  I’m pretty sad y’knw. I put these up for you to read and knw about, but… D’:   Aigoo. Just a small pretty little comment yah, so I know I can continue posting th news about Kpops (SHINee mainly) and people appreciates it :PP  Don’t leave me heartbroken and lead me to abandon this blog kayxz. LOVE YOU GUYS! [:


List of Award Winners

-Disk (DBSK)
-Digital (Jewelry)

-Disk (DBSK, Kim Dong Ryul, Sg Wannabe, Rain, Brown eyes, Shinhwa)
-Digital (Mc Mong,Brown eyed girls, Jewelry, Wonder Girls)

YEPP NewComer Award
-Disk (Shinee)  [CONGRATS BOYS!]
-Digital (Davichi)

YEPP Popularity Award
-Disk (Sun Ho Young, DBSK)
-Digital (FT Island, SNSD)

Trot Award
-Digital (Jang Yoon Jeong)

Rock Award
-Disk (Nell)

Special Award
Kim Chang Wan

Yes, the big winners of the night, DBSK/TVXQ! With 3 titles to their group name, MIROTIC was being played quite a number of times and… (sorry but,) it kinda sounded annoying ;X  But I still like MIROTIC all the same.

SHINee under the cut!  :-D

Image Hosted by
Taemin doesn’t look 15. And Onew looks really weird in this peekture hahah.

SHINee’s Perf – The boys have their Rainbow [what is ha saeng bak doing?!]  outfits hidden underneath a black cloak and have ropes tied to each of their hands to the top of the stage. The stage looks like a Puppet Show and they start to dance like robotic puppets (because puppets aren’t really that stiff, are they?). They’re so freaking awesome, cos they offered such a different start! [:  They performed medley of ‘Replay’, ‘Love like Oxygen’ & ‘Amigo’. 

As usual, their transition from Replay to LLO is quite amazing :P  And Amigo too. I can’t stand it, but uh they look hotttt ;-)   

During the medley, all of them looks gr8 (: With Onew’s hair not having that childish edge and Taemin getting a trim (floppier hair) and such :D  HOWEVER. I don’t agree with that rainbow scarf-like thing hanging on Minho and Onew. That’s just plain ghei. Hahah.

Ah yes, Key’s smile at 4.10-4.11 is so smexy ;D! And he waved to the camera after his Hajiman Sexy ~ Part! :-D Not much close ups on Onew and Minho though :\  Mr Camera Man can’t get his screens right.. And he zoomed out during the puppet part which is supposed to be cool but can’t really see D: 

Whoo! Congrats Boys! :D 

I think Minho must be esp happy because they received this award just 1 day after his 17th birthday! And they aired his mono on his birthday. Special birthday it is for him, I believe :D

Love! ;PP  (Comments pls?:-))


2 Responses to “Golden Disk Awards”

  1. they all look cute~
    whenever or whatever..
    hope can meet them face to face^^~

  2. shaba salsabil. Says:

    yeah they always look young and beautiful:)

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