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Ondubu; Onew!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 15, 2008 by Shin Ji-Young


*Sorry it’s late, but at least, you’re 19 already!:\ (Oh man, don’t grow up so fast…)*




Pajama Party

Posted in Super Junior Happy, Uncategorized, Videos with tags , , on December 2, 2008 by Shin Ji-Young

I’m getting hooked onto Pajama Party by Super Junior – Happy today! Hahah:D I’m starting to like Yesung now, ever since I saw him and Shindong (Poophead) on the same ep as Jonghyun and Taemin on Star Golden Bell Challenge :-)

Anyways, watch the MV of Pajama Party. It’s kewt ttm!

Did you see Yesung’s Bear Paw? :D Uber kewtness:PP I’m trying to learn their dance now, cos It seems pretty happy (duh, of course, they’re SJH) and easy :-) Pajama Ipgo! 

Here’s another vid. It’s the live one, you can see the whole dance routine (-;

I love the whole idea of the backup dancers holding those blue balloons and dancing with them hahah. Makes the whole atmosphere more … happy and cheerful! :D Oh, and I like Shindong’s Tecktonic/Teckcomic move \o/ one during his rap (-: Oh and the part where he moves like a crab to one side, then moves to the other side is uber kewtt as well! :PP   I like the dance move at 0.26 as well! :D

Their outfits are quite kewl as well. They give the feel of being very slack and comfy (well, Pajamas~) and at the same time it’s able to be worn and not get laughed at (like usual PJs)! :-))  But I don’t agree with the black and white strips (esp on Shindong!). I’d rather they wear the outfits in the MV :D

Enjoy those vids while I go check the others out [: