One for Me – Profile

This page is mainly to tell you more about myself (& the boys), hence the page title :D

I’m a Singaporean, although I have a Korean name :D Shin Ji-Young’s actually generated from this Korean Name Generator function somewhere in the vast network, and I like it. So there, it appears almost everywhere on my site now :-D

I’m a Kim Jong-hyun fan and of course, hopes to be his wife, to be Mrs Kim Ji-Young :D However, Choi Minho somehow steals the limelight away from JH when I watch their live perfs with his Sexyness. Oh gosh, Flaming Charisma~ please stop oozing those Charismatic aura. I don’t wanna lose JH! xD

Anyway, I’m all of their dongsaengs (formal term for someone younger than them). Even though I’m now the same age as Taeminnie, only 4 months younger :-D And JH doesn’t mind an age gap of up to 6 years! Which makes me eligible to be his wife because I’m only 3 years younger than him *melts* But afterall, he’s in Korea while I’ll be stuck in Sgp :\ Aww, perhaps Let’s Eat Candy will also airmail him to Sgp, right in front of my door step on the way to Canada, M’sia and Sydney. Hahah.

That’s a girl’s priviledge. To dream, to fantasize :P

Whatever it is, I still love SHINee and all of their amazing songs(:  Although I kinda like the 2Min couple thing, I don’t really want to go into pairings :D It makes them sound so clique-ish which I don’t like :X  So yeap. You’ll get to know more of my POV when more of my posts are up about various Kpop artists and hopefully agree with them! (:



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