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Posted in SHINee with tags , on December 1, 2008 by Shin Ji-Young

Hello everyone :-D

Yup, it’s been the year end 2 month holiday that every single student looks forward to (including me :D). And guess who’s DA BOMBXZ to keep me company? Yes, of course; It’s

Contemporary Band, SHINee!

No prizes for guessing it though, they’re even on my header! Hahah. Anyway, my friend showed me their Live Performance of Amigo, forcing me to guess which was her favourite member. Leading me to rewatching it a certain number of times on her phone :P And so, I got hooked to Amigo! [:  I remember it was about a week after my End-Of-Years ended so I got really fangirl-crazy about them not long after :D

So pretty grateful to that particular friend for introducing me to SHINee! :D Wonderful boys with great potential, they’re bound to SHINE just like their sunbaenims, DBSK and SuJu [:

SHINee Hwaiting!