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Key to Jonghyun’s Heart

Posted in SHINee with tags , on December 1, 2008 by Shin Ji-Young

Guess what! My friend showed me a series of photos which were part of my birthday post! I shall put it up here. (For all Jonghyun fans!:D) See I’m so nice to share it ;P Just don’t steal him away from me! :-D

JONGKEY!Ooooh, will the key that Key is holding unlock Jonghyun’s heart?

jongkey2Oh my Jonghyun, It fits! :D:D

almighty keyAlmighty Key, Why are you tempting me with that Key D’:

And the key’s so cute hahah. Anyway, They have beenĀ  going on Music Bank and Radio Shows quite often lately. Ooooh, and Key’s Monologue is airing tomorrow on Arirang’s S.Extra! :D And Minho’s, Taemin’s coming up in the following week too! Can’t wait for someone to sub it and put it on YT! :D

As I was saying, they went on this particular radio show and Taemin cried just thinking about his family! Watch it here! Minho and Taemin each have a hyung and both have kinda the same name! Taesuk and Minseuk :D

Watching Onew’s Monologue now (I know, I’m slow), hahah. So laters! [: