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Golden Disk Awards

Posted in Awards, SHINee with tags , on December 12, 2008 by Shin Ji-Young

First of all, PEOPLE! I have like 200 visits already, but not even half a comment? : (  I’m pretty sad y’knw. I put these up for you to read and knw about, but… D’:   Aigoo. Just a small pretty little comment yah, so I know I can continue posting th news about Kpops (SHINee mainly) and people appreciates it :PP  Don’t leave me heartbroken and lead me to abandon this blog kayxz. LOVE YOU GUYS! [:


List of Award Winners

-Disk (DBSK)
-Digital (Jewelry)

-Disk (DBSK, Kim Dong Ryul, Sg Wannabe, Rain, Brown eyes, Shinhwa)
-Digital (Mc Mong,Brown eyed girls, Jewelry, Wonder Girls)

YEPP NewComer Award
-Disk (Shinee)  [CONGRATS BOYS!]
-Digital (Davichi)

YEPP Popularity Award
-Disk (Sun Ho Young, DBSK)
-Digital (FT Island, SNSD)

Trot Award
-Digital (Jang Yoon Jeong)

Rock Award
-Disk (Nell)

Special Award
Kim Chang Wan

Yes, the big winners of the night, DBSK/TVXQ! With 3 titles to their group name, MIROTIC was being played quite a number of times and… (sorry but,) it kinda sounded annoying ;X  But I still like MIROTIC all the same.

SHINee under the cut!  :-D

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Minho’s Monologue; SHINee

Posted in Monologues, SHINee with tags , , , on December 11, 2008 by Shin Ji-Young

Choi Min-hoA silent flame burning with passion and charisma

*Duhh! He is bulko charisma~~*

The narrator starts by saying the ‘strikingly handsome member of the group’! :D  Hahah. Anyway. I missed watching it on the day itself because I was away, in Phuket. Tried finding their album in there because they came for promos in Thailand (Bangkok) and was about to perform. But don’t have so I was quite D’:

Here’s the vid! (:

Notice at 6:23, he looks very childish here! Hahah, but he looks like he was having fun. Aegyo!

Minho is thrilled to present to us his honest side! :D And he talked for approx 6 minutes, which is quite a feat. But it seems pretty short though… And this time, there wasn’t any segment on ‘Minho talks about other SHINee members’. Sigh… But it was nice seeing him enjoy talking like this though.

Well, I was pretty captivated by his adam’s apple too during the segment because…it looks like he has 2 lolxz.

*I only watched it 1 time so I’m not really going into in-depth analysis of it due to jet lag and stuff xD be back soon to edit*

Leaving till the 10th!(:

Posted in Monologues, SHINee with tags , , on December 7, 2008 by Shin Ji-Young

I’m leavinggggg(:
And they’re airing MinHo’s MONOLOGUE on the 9th!
Which is also his birthday! : (

So, I’ll be 1 day late to watch him speak for 8 mins.


HAPPY 17th MINHO! (:

Key’s Monologue; Shinee

Posted in Monologues, SHINee, Videos with tags , , , on December 3, 2008 by Shin Ji-Young

KIM KIBUM (KEY) – Multitalented Singer with Exceptional Dancing and Rapping Skills

In case you haven’t caught Key’s Monologue on Arirang on 2nd Dec (like me), below’s the video! [:

In the video, he offered the viewers a new perspective of him. Instead of the camera hogging and hyperactive kid like he usually is, he begins the monologue by saying ‘Finally it is [his] turn to do the monologue’ hahah. Finally? :D But still, confident as he is in the mono, he speaks about issues that were never covered before in Jonghyun’s and Onew’s mono;  Talking about the other Group members, and Daily life and Dreams

In the segment where he was to talk about the other SHINee members,  it was quite kewt when he thought Onew was his dongsaeng when they first met. Lol :PP  He also said Minho was a little scary :O (Well, actually with his intent gaze…) But I couldn’t agree more when he said Jonghyun was quite cold and ‘aloof’ (First impressions right,? :-D) And they lived together for 3 yrs. Wouldn’t that mean, Taeminnie would’ve been 12 only! Oh gosh, PSLE age. Can’t imagine myself staying with 4 other strangers and learning to be independant… Key also mentions what it felt like when Minho went to do the fashion show for Andre Kim. It’s really sweet ^^. And I always thought Bulko Charisma Minho is the most distant from Key & Jonghyun. Because Bling&Key never seem to be apart :PP  I just need Blingbling’s confirmation that they are not as distant as I think! :\

KimKey, being the filial son of Mr&Mrs Kim, said that his family is his ‘Treasure Number 1’. Something wrong with the subs ayye. Anw, his parents were so cool to go support SHINee on their debut perf! And Key also said if it wasn’t for his Oppa and Umma, he wouldn’t be doing this interview as a member of SHINee. Kim Oppa, Kim Umma, Saranghaeyo!<3  Sweet kid aye.

Ah, this really cute part was when he said he would like to have a ‘magic pad’ where he could write anything and then it would come true. It’s so kewt kayxz becos he’s already uh 18 and still thinking of ‘magical’ stuff. Rofl [:

Can’t wait for Minho’s Monologue, airing on his birthday, 9.Dec! :D Woohoo~! Bulko Charisma, talking for 8 minutes. Saranghaeyo :-))

Shin Ji-Young’s

Posted in SHINee with tags , on December 1, 2008 by Shin Ji-Young

Hello everyone :-D

Yup, it’s been the year end 2 month holiday that every single student looks forward to (including me :D). And guess who’s DA BOMBXZ to keep me company? Yes, of course; It’s

Contemporary Band, SHINee!

No prizes for guessing it though, they’re even on my header! Hahah. Anyway, my friend showed me their Live Performance of Amigo, forcing me to guess which was her favourite member. Leading me to rewatching it a certain number of times on her phone :P And so, I got hooked to Amigo! [:  I remember it was about a week after my End-Of-Years ended so I got really fangirl-crazy about them not long after :D

So pretty grateful to that particular friend for introducing me to SHINee! :D Wonderful boys with great potential, they’re bound to SHINE just like their sunbaenims, DBSK and SuJu [:

SHINee Hwaiting!